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We create videos at scale with Digital Human Avatars, to boost Businesses

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Our Technology

AI Cloning

With our Generative AI technology, we use deep neural networks to clone the facial features of any human to create a digital avatar, that looks like just like the real human.

Video generation with lipsync

Our the digital clones can speak in 50+ languages and accents, to create personalised videos with dynamic backgrounds and perfect lipsync. This is possible through our deep learning algorithms that can predict facial movements, with respect to any input text or audio.

World's most diverse library of digital human avatars

Our AI-powered technology helps you storyboard your ideas, fit your content to a layout, and find music and visuals that enhance your message.

Features of Personalized Campaigns

Go from idea to creation faster than ever before, without involving 3rd parties.
Get everything you need to create stunning videos from the comfort of your laptop.

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50+ Languages

Connect with users globally by speaking to them in their own language.

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Human-like Voice

The platform allows creating videos in human-like voice in 50+ languages.

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Dynamic Backgrounds

Add any dynamic background such as images, videos, screen recordings behind the avatars.

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Personalize Variables

Replace variables such as name, location & many more, dynamically in the the video.

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Lipsync Technology

The Deep Neural Networks perfectly lipsync with the words or the audio being spoken by the avatar in any language.

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Custom Avatar

You can now create a custom avatar with your own/team member's face at Personate.

Read what our customers say

See concrete results from small businesses to big companies. Read how they added value to their businesses with Personate.

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“With Personate, we can easily communicate the essence of our services to visitors in a minute. Visitors who wouldn't bother to read the text on our site may become interested and we have got many good leads this way. We see Personate as one of our best investments in marketing.“

Timo Nieminen
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“Personate, helped us boost our website SEO through their embeddable video solution. Not only the product was beyond our expectations, but the services and support was really impressive. has served us at scale, and delivered quality content on time. We also liked the creative mindset of the Personate team“

Akshay N. Sahaju

“Personate AI video generation api helped us generate marketing and customer education videos at scale. With Personate, we can easily generate high volumes of quality content at an affordable production cost. We see Personate platform as one of our best investments in marketing.“

Tushar Kolhe

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