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Personalized Videos

A personalized CTA results in 202% more conversions than one that isn’t - Hubspot


of companies noted an increase in conversion rates


Higher Click Rate with personalised videos


CEOs confirm increase in Sales, Market Size, and Profit in D2C channels

Industry wise Use Cases

D2C e-commerce

Reduce cart drop-offs, increase repurchase rates and re-engage existing customers with personalized campaigns.


Reduce customer drop-offs, cross-sell financial products with personalised offers and build trust with hyper-personalized videos.


Build brand recall and trust among patients with personalised medical reports & recommendations that help the patients in their recovery.

Features of Personalized Campaigns

Go from idea to creation faster than ever before, without involving 3rd parties.
Get everything you need to create stunning videos from the comfort of your laptop.

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50+ Languages

Connect with users globally by speaking to them in their own language.

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Human-like Voice

The platform allows creating videos in human-like voice in 50+ languages.

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Dynamic Backgrounds

Add any dynamic background such as images, videos, screen recordings behind the avatars.

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Personalize Variables

Replace variables such as name, location & many more, dynamically in the the video.

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Lipsync Technology

The Deep Neural Networks perfectly lipsync with the words or the audio being spoken by the avatar in any language.

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Custom Avatar

You can now create a custom avatar with your own/team member's face at Personate.

Humanize your Customer Journey
today with
Personalised Videos

Communicate on-to-one with your audience. According to a study by Cisco, 90% of customers say that videos help them make the final decisions with regards to product purchase, with 64% saying they purchase products after watching video content related to it.

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