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Engaging Courses

Deliver your educational content remotely via E-Learning video courses with AI-powered presenters!

Improve your E-Learning courses with the use of videos providing a complete learning experience for your audience. Enhance viewer engagement and help your students absorb complex subjects more quickly!

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Multilingual Courses

Localizing E-Learning courses can be difficult and may bring some audience constraints. Person8 turns these problems on its head. We can assist you in producing the same video in 50+ languages, as though each language was shot separately for its target audience.

Create videos effortlessly in 50+ languages to suit your educational needs. Easy localization in no time!

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Interactive Courses

Learning is no longer limited to the classroom. People today require the freedom and flexibility to learn whenever, wherever, and however they want.

Our videos comes with button for your students and learns to interact with. Now the students can make choices within videos to navigate them to the exact content they want to watch. This not increase the overall watch time of the videos but also saves your students from getting bored. Short clips have a higher attention spam, and with choice buttons, children can skip and come back to the topics at their will.

Made for all use cases

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Studying Tips for Students

Simple background animation to engage the student attention and convey them some tips quickly.

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French Lesson

Beautiful background animation while teaching french to engage the student's attention.

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Physics Lesson

Doodle animation while teaching physics not only creates a stress free learning but is also fun to watch

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Content Writing Lesson

Beautiful background animation while teaching content writing. Helps students to grasp points more easily.

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DIY Tutorial

Do It Yourself Tutorial with simple background animation and example images to visually teach toy building.

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Simple Animation Lesson

Simple background animation while teaching helps students enjoy learning and learn concepts much faster.

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