Build Strong relationships with Employees, Partners & Distributors

Connect with business stakeholders at a deeper level with Digital Avatars of CXOs & Business Leaders

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Why Personalised Communications?

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text format. Personalised videos result in -

- Increased Employee Satisfaction
- Stronger relationships with Partners & Distributors
- A 'WOW' factor to your Corporate Communications

How do we do it?

The process involves a short video shoot of the business leaders, CXOs or Founder, who needs to be cloned. During the shoot, the video & audio data is collected to create a digital avatar of the person being cloned.

After data collection our team feeds the data into our deep learning based algorithms, to build the Digital Avatar within a few days.

Once ready, the clone is available to be used for sending hyper-personalized videos at scale with dynamic variables, which can change with every user such as name, location, preferences, etc. Our APIs can integrated with your CRM or other systems, to automate the continous communication process.

Employee Communications

Boost employee satisfaction with personalised videos from business leaders, CXOs or Founders

Building relationships with Partners

Build trust with Partners, by sending personalised videos from business leaders, CXOs or Founders

Event invitations & announcements

Invite stakeholders & make announcements through personalized videos

Features of Personalized Campaigns

Go from idea to creation faster than ever before, without involving 3rd parties.
Get everything you need to create stunning videos from the comfort of your laptop.

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50+ Languages

Connect with users globally by speaking to them in their own language.

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Human-like Voice

The platform allows creating videos in human-like voice in 50+ languages.

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Dynamic Backgrounds

Add any dynamic background such as images, videos, screen recordings behind the avatars.

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Personalize Variables

Replace variables such as name, location & many more, dynamically in the the video.

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Lipsync Technology

The Deep Neural Networks perfectly lipsync with the words or the audio being spoken by the avatar in any language.

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Custom Avatar

You can now create a custom avatar of CXOs & Business Leaders

Humanize your Stakeholder Communications
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Personalised Videos

Communicate on-to-one with your employees, partners and stakeholders.

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